• Examination prices quoted by phone are of glasses prescriptions only and do not include contact lenses.
  • No contact lens fees are quoted by phone for fear we might misrepresent the actual cost. For example, you may need astigmatism correction, or bifocals which are more expensive. We will not know this information until the examination is completed.
  • Our contact lens fee covers everything contact lens related, except solutions, for 1 year. The yearly health exam, lens fitting, instruction, follow-up visits, semi-annual check-up, (especially important for extended wear patients), and torn or lost lenses, ( as long as within reason) is included. Any problem you are having related to your contact lenses could be serious and we would rather you come in and be checked than let the problem worsen. This is why the policy was begun over 10 years ago. Most serious contact lens complications are due to patients knowing there is a serious problem but putting off having them checked because of the cost of a visit. This way there is no reason not to come in because no fee will be charged.
  • The "dispensing fee" charge on your statement includes the above which is basically insurance on your contact lenses as well as Dr. Aderholt's expertise in guaranteeing your long-term happiness with your lenses.
  • We use only the best materials whether it be contact lenses or glasses.
  • All frames are insured from breaking for one year, and all lenses are scratch coated and guaranteed for 1 year. (certain frames do have a greater than 1 year warranty). There is no extra charge for scratch coating, it is automatically done, except for some insurance plans.
  • Shamir is our most used progressive lens. We feel none is better. If for any reason you are not satisfied with this lens, within 60 days , we will remake your prescription in any other style of your choice. (It must be in the same frame). No refunds will be issued.
  • When can I get my contact lens prescription? And do you fill other prescriptions? Contact lens prescriptions can be released after the completed fitting process. Until your new lenses have a period of time to settle to your eyes, the fitting cannot completely and accurately be evaluated. At this time, we can release your prescription as long as all fees have been paid. Our prescriptions are dated for 1 year expiration. Contact lenses are a scheduled drug and it is unlawful to fill these prescriptions after this date. Just as filling any other drug prescription that has expired.
  • We do not fill other than our own contact lens prescriptions. In many instances, we charge for lens replacements below cost. We do not accept the liability that comes with prescriptions which may be expired, or lenses not correctly fit which could cause ocular damage.
  • Our fees are based on our expertise, experience, and "chair time", not on profits made from contact lens materials.
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