Frames & Lenses

All lenses(except some insurance) are scratch coated with a 1 year warranty (one time replacement). By far, Shamir is our most popular progressive (no line) lens for those who need extra help at near. Transition lenses that change darkenss in varying light conditions are also available.

We offer Crizal anti-reflection coatings to reduce glare and reflections. These are greatly improved over the old A/R coating which were easily scratched and smudged. High Index Materials, which reduce thickness up to 30%, make your prescription as light and thin as possible.

prescription sun and eye glasses from Ray Ban, Nike, Kate Spade, Costa, Marchon


We have a large selection of the best sunglasses on the market. Many are Polaroid with impact resistance and all have UV 400 filter to eliminate the harmful portion of light which can contribute to cataracts, pterygiae, and retinal degenerations.

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